Patrice with a nice Reds

A boy, his dog & his E-TEC
phil 54)
Just another day for Phil
paul Marlin.JPG (172801 bytes)
Paul Sutherland's 28cc
ritchie sword2.JPG (86403 bytes)
Ritchie & a Sword

way to go Jeannie
phil sail.jpg (76831 bytes)
Phil Recob & another sail
jumpin Mahi.jpg (259488 bytes)
Trust your kids to E-TEC reliability
grouper2.jpg (159940 bytes)
Mike Wilson & a big snowy
phil william.jpg (224113 bytes)
Will & Phil Recob 33CC 
& results to the right--->
Will fish.jpg (53994 bytes) shelly.jpg (253219 bytes)
Shelly works a dolphin & wins
shelly fish.jpg (76272 bytes)
another grouper.jpg (112621 bytes)
Mike Wilson's 23CC
nice snapper.jpg (163334 bytes)
Mike Wilson's 23CC
pair o grouper.jpg (181365 bytes)
Mike Wilson's 23CC
ritchie tuna.jpg (277547 bytes)
Ritchie Littlejon- 26WA
gray sword 1.jpg (101562 bytes)
Wayne Gray's 29cc
gray tuna.jpg (60064 bytes)
Wayne Gray's 29cc
snapper1.jpg (164918 bytes)
Mike Wilson's 23cc
snaper gal.jpg (169964 bytes)
Mike Wilson's 23cc
bahama5.jpg (33930 bytes)
In Cat Cay 
grouper day.jpg (476359 bytes)
Paul Sutherland's 28cc
stringer 2.jpg (431898 bytes)
Paul Sutherland's 28cc
marlin.jpg (69866 bytes)
Ritchie Littlejon - 23cc
mike.jpg (19949 bytes)
Mike Gordon 20Bay
bahama4.jpg (13271 bytes)
26cc in the Bahamas
paul mahi.JPG (126557 bytes)
Paul Sutherland's 28cc

Larry Briant & A noce Red
snapper.jpg (17239 bytes)
Tommy Kohler's 33cc
Wiring Marlin.JPG (167114 bytes)
Paul Sutherland Wires a Marlin
joncondo.jpg (14495 bytes)
Jon Condo fightin' hard
Fred Sail.jpg (62041 bytes)
Fred Price's 23wa
franks sail.jpg (305399 bytes)
Bob Franks' 23wa
fish keys.jpg (26312 bytes)
Kris Murphy 28cc
mike-annmarie.jpg (199899 bytes)
Mike & Ann Marie Hughes
fish keys 2.jpg (30160 bytes)
sunset.jpg (302175 bytes)
End of a perfect day
sailfish.jpg (14743 bytes)
Phil Recob's 21wa
paul grouper.jpg (87812 bytes)
Paul Sutherland ready for lunch

turtle.JPG (249676 bytes)
We like to dive too! 
parrot mike.jpg (204174 bytes)
Mike Griffin finds a parrot 
(pigeon) 40 miles out
mike parrot1.jpg (172200 bytes)
I think he likes ME!
CIMG0942.jpg (58033 bytes)
CIMG0951.jpg (38446 bytes)
Maybe it's the BOAT
cobia.jpg (156707 bytes)
Rusty's Boat gets a cobia


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